Ground Floor, Whitehouse, St. Marks Road, Bengaluru - 560001


Our Story

The Egg Factory came into being on 8th July 2008 (we are avoiding the temptation to say The Egg factory got laid on....was hatched on ...). It was not born out of a alcohol fueled conversation as is the norm for most ideas nowadays. It came into being because of our primarily non meat eating backgrounds, the special status Eggs held in our childhood as special treats which were considered ok in our non meat eating families and our belief that there are really no places in the neighbourhood with good food concepts in India. Not to say Beer did not have a role at all did eventually inspire the look of the place, the eggfactoryisms ... etc. And why Eggs is the No. 1 question on FAQ we have answered in the past years. With the explanation on top we hope to have put to rest this question :-)

We have a simple philosophy "Keep it simple "...hence we really cut out the superfluous and came up with a place that is comfortable, casual, airy, bright and open all day -well... as long as we are allowed to be open. Our food speaks the same language of simplicity and the focus has been on simple yet tasty meals for all times of a day.

And of course Bangalore had a huge role in shaping all this, the young keen minds accepted us the way we are and voted for us with two thumbs up...Thank You will soon see us at more locations in Bangalore :-)